How To Pay Your Billseveral ways to pay your bill

Patrons Oxford offers several ways to pay your bill: through Electronic Funds Transfer, through our Easy Pay website, and by mail.

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Electronic Funds Transfer

Payments are automatically deducted from your bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Eliminate writing checks and save up to $ 5.00 per installment on service charges! To sign up, please fill out the form in the link below, and mail it along with a voided check (or bank letter for savings accounts) to:

Patrons Oxford Insurance Company
Attn: EFT
P O Box 3820
Portland, ME  04104

To sign up for EFT, fill out this form.
More information can be found on the FAQ page.

Easy Pay

Pay your bill quickly with our Easy Pay service.

For identification purposes you need to have ready your most recent Patrons Oxford bill and bank account, credit card or debit card information.

To pay by phone: call 1-(866)-611-7887.

By Phone

Pay your bill by calling 1(866) 611-7887.

This is a payment option using an interactive telephone system and is initiated by the customer.

Policy entry:
The system will prompt you; the policy is entered as follows:

1. Enter your policy number.

2. The last payment made within the year will be verified.

3. The agent number is entered, 5 digit with leading zero
• Example: 05357

The system will provide the minimum and maximum premium due based on the last invoice or cancellation notice issued, which will not reflect partial payments. If you have made a partial payment, you can verify the current balance due by calling our automated inquiry system, toll free, 1-877-796-6803.

Optional payment methods:
You can use your checking account number, credit or debit card.

By Mail

Use the return envelope (provided with your bill), or mail your payment to us at the following address. Be sure to put your policy number on your check.

Patrons Oxford Insurance Company
P O Box 3820
Portland, ME  04104